Thursday, November 6, 2008

So what do you want to know?

I'm not really the meme kind, but since I don't do one in ages I decided to give this one a go when Becky tagged me. So, short and simple, here it is:

7 Things I Did Before
  1. Studied in an acting/theatre school
  2. Worked as a recepcionist in an accountants firm
  3. Worked as an actress during 4 years
  4. Was an Aupair in the US
  5. Studied Pastry Arts for 3 years in Spain
  6. Did an internship in a restaurant and pastry shop in Italy
  7. Worked as a pastry chef in the UK
7 Things I Do Now
  1. Taste ice creams
  2. Twit
  3. Bake a lot of cakes
  4. Spend a lot of time on the computer
  5. Write recipes for a kid's magazine
  6. Create desserts for restaurants
  7. Obssess with chocolate chip cookies
7 Things I Want To Do
  1. Travel South America in a caravan
  2. Go to Japan
  3. Take my mom on a rally to Africa
  4. Visit all my friends spread out worldwide
  5. Have a dog
  6. Allways enjoy what I do
  7. Laugh, love and learn more and more
7 Things That Attract Me About the Opposite Sex
  1. Have all his teeth
  2. No strange body odors
  3. Have a nice and honest smile
  4. Have objectivs in life
  5. Makes me laugh
  6. Enjoys eating
  7. Enjoys eating what I cook/bake even more
7 Favorite Foods
  1. Ice-cream
  2. Chocolate
  3. Cookies
  4. Chips
  5. Bread with butter
  6. Nuts
  7. Cakes
7 Things I Say Most Often
  1. Taste this!
  2. Let's eat!
  3. Are you hungry?
  4. We need to buy sugar!
  5. I should go to the gym.
  6. Why me?
  7. I miss you.

Thank you Becky for the fun meme and for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Thank you also to the Blonde Duck who gave me the same award (girls know that one good thing is never enough)! And thank you Yasmeen for the I'm a Chocoholic Award!


VeggieGirl said...

This is fantastic!! I LOVE learning more about my fellow bloggers :0)

Congratulations on the award!!

Anna said...

What? You're not attracted to strange body odors?


Gloria said...

Dear I love to hearing from you more. Ahora sé porque sabes tanto español, estuviste en España, so nice, también quiero ir a Africa, me ha encantado saber más de tí, cariños, Gloria

Bunny Trails said...

So really, a few teeth won't do it? LOL

I am feeling so 'unaccomplished' after reading your 7 thing you did list! I'm impressed :)

Tanya said...

I had to laugh at the first thing on your list of what you like in a man: has all his teeth.

You are certainly an interesting person - you've already accomplished so much! I'm sure you'll get those other 7 items on your list done.

Lore said...

Cookie you did SO many things! I really enjoyed learning more about you :) The all teeth section made me laugh so loud, I actually think I scared the cat down the hall ;) I'd like to have a golden retriever someday.

The Blonde Duck said...

You deserved it! I love the meme!

Ivy said...

Hahahaha! You're hilariuos!

You're an actress?
Why did you stop?

Lisa said...

You are such a fun, interesting girl. Now why does a man need all his teeth? :)

Emiline said...

Man, I hate a guy with body odor.

Oh, wait, Anna already said that.

You've got some mad pastry skills!

chou said...

You know that 7 is the number of perfection, yes? :) What fun to learn more about you.

linda said...

Always great fun to read meme's :D
Congratulations on the awards!

Mom2three said...

I had to laugh at some of your answers! You've done so many things. I'm much more boring than you, though I'm known as the "loud" one among my friends. I love the answers to the opposite sex! That's a hoot! Thanks for sharing.

Aran said...

que divertido! y cuantas cosas has hecho rita!

Mari Azevedo said...

Lindona, adorei conhecer um cadinho mais de você com esta brincadeira!!!
E estou com saudade dos cookies maravilhosossssssss =D
Beijo grande!!

Cakebrain said...

It was so interesting reading your answers! I also laughed at your "having all his teeth" response!

Clumbsy Cookie said...

So now you know my love of teeth, lol!

Ivy- Yes I used to be an actress but I got to the conclusion that I prefered to bake cakes instead! But it was really cool!

joanna said...

this was so funny. we share the same favorite foods!!! and i definitely love when a man likes my cooking! nothing makes me happier... well, except when i taste my cooking haha

Maria said...

Glad you did it! It was fun reading your answers!

Pearlsofeast said...

That is really nice to know about u.Wow u bake desserts for restaurants.

Sophie said...

You've had such a fun life :)! You're so cool!

lol I never really thought about wanting a man who'd eat my food before meeting my husband, but just today I told him that I really do love him a little extra more for always eating my food and never being a picky eater :P.

Have a lovely weekend :)!

Natashya said...

Ok, one really got my attention.
Taste ice creams!! I want to do this. If I could just taste ice cream for a living, my life would be complete.
So much fun reading your answers!

Liz said...

This was so fun! You sound like you've had a very interesting life so far. And I loved the 7 things you say. I think we're secretly twins, because I regularly go to the gym and then stop by the grocery store to buy more sugar (and butter, and eggs...) afterward!

Mobula said...

Que divertido!!! Ahora ya se algo más sobre ti. No es que sea fan de este tipo de cosas pero son simpáticas.

Besos y no te obsesiones con las choco chip cookies!!!


Dee said...

You've had such a fascinating life, and if you manage all you want to do, you could write a book. I peed myself laughing over the "Have all his teeth" comment. Heh heh :)

Suzana said...

Bem, assim de repente, parece-me que respondeste a tudo (e mais alguma coisa) que eu podia querer perguntar... mas se me lembrar de alguma coisa 'apito'!! ;-)

Bj grande e bom fim de semana

Y said...

Heh very funny. I love your list of 7 things you say most often. Succinct!

Darius T. Williams said...

Congrats on getting the award!!!


Yasmeen said...

You are one witty sweet cookie,nice to know more about you:)

Robin Sue said...

Yup he must have good teeth! I would like to travel the world too!

Usha said...

Taste icecreams ! what a fun job...enjoyed reading your meme..Congrats on your award :-)

alexandra's kitchen said...

i think you are spot on about the opposite-sex criteria. Having all teeth is indeed important! haha.

Ingrid said...

Wow, you've done so much in your (short, I know you're young) life and have seen so many places. Good luck with those "I want to do 7" I'm sure you'll get 'em done!

Congrats on your well deserved awards!

Gloria said...

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Maris said...

You have basically the same favorite foods as I do. YUM

Passionate About Baking said...

I'm a bit wary about memes too...hvnt dared do one in ages. But this did sound good & a load of fun! Way to go!!

Zita said...

You and I, Ice cream fans numero uno! Hope you find the "right" opposite sex ;)

Cakespy said...

Fun to learn more about what lurks behind that crumbly cookie exterior! :-) Sweetness, that's what!

My Sweet & Saucy said...

I loved this post! Your interesting facts were so fun to read!

Leonor de Sousa Bastos said...

Puxa!...num só post ficamos a saber milhares de coisas novas sobre ti!!:) que então actriz...ehehe! ;)

Deixei-te um desafio no meu blog, como estou sempre a recusar estas coisas, achei que desta vez tinha que ceder... se quiseres publicas em inglês, se não quiseres, não publicas... fica à vontade!;)

Wservir said...
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Lina said...

you studied pastry in Spain for 3 years? wow, I would love to do that!!! I'm going to Japan in Dec. Ill be sure to post about it. :)

Jenny said...

What a great post! I love reading about my fellow food bloggers! You are one talented "cookie!" Couldn't resist! Have a great rest of your weekend!

Sandy said...

fun to read about you! :)

Reeni said...

Thanks for sharing all that cool info. about yourself. Your travels and jobs sound so fun and interesting! I have secretly yearned to be an actress, I'm so jealous!

Heather said...

congrats on the award! and i agree... having all of one's teeth is a requirement :)

Vera said...

It's great to get to know you a little bit better, Rita!
Congratulations on your award!

Peabody said...

Yes, yes, you should get a dog. They are much fun.

Adam said...

HAha this is awesome. While I knew some of these things already, it's always sweet to learn more :)

I can't believe you did ALL of those past 7 things... you're a renaissance woman.

Glad to say I have all 7 traits... and I try my hardest not to smell TOO bad.

Alexa said...

It is always so nice to learn a little more about the bloggers we like to visit. :-)

Lori said...

What an interesting life CC! I always love stopping by your site for yummy looking stuff! I am so eloquent, ha ha.

Ann said...

Loved your answers and learning more about you. Where in the US did you live?

Dragon said...

Great meme and congratulations for all your awards. :)