Monday, July 7, 2008

This must be my lucky week!

There must be something wrong with the Universe, something really wrong I tell you... You see, I'm a very unlucky person. Oh well let me explain that, I'm the luckiest person because of the wonderful people that surround me, because I live in a great place, because I love what I do and because so many other little things. But when it comes to games, winning things or just general Murphy's Law stuff, I'm pretty much as unlucky as you can be. Until now... read on, it's almost scary!

It all started last week, when I was coming home from the beach and I bumped my toe on something in the sand. Being the clumsy creature I am bumping into things it's not new, but bumping into a cute small mp3 player, now that was a first!

But the best part was that it came packed full with great music! I couldn't believe it!

A couple of days later I went into the dentist and while I had my mouth full of those strange tubs my dentist kept talking about how he would like to now how to bake and if I wanted to exchange the cost of that treatment for some recipes. I sayed yes (well I made a sound because you can't really talk with those things in your mouth), but obviosly thought he was joking.

But no! When I went to pay, his assistent told me that it was free, but the doctor was waiting for the recipes! I looked arround trying to find the candid camera, but apparently it was true. Now you know how much does a dentist appointment costs?

Translation: Recipes for a cool smile

So I made him a personalized cookbook with the recipes he talked about and some others I though he might like. He's a cool man and phoned me right away to say that he loved it! I think it's a cool idea for a present, maybe I'll do this kind of little books next Christmas. That's the cover above, I took the picture from here.

At this point I was allready thinking that this was very strange, but today when I received a message from the Zen Chef himself telling me that I had won a cookbook from his giveaway, I knew something was really wrong! This is so not tipical of me! Of course I was beyond happy! Merci beaucoup Zen, I can't wait to start cooking!

Now a strange thing... Have you noticed the mp3 name? Zen! And who gave me the cookbook? Yep, Zen! I'm still trying to find some conection between my dentist and "zenniness". Maybe he's into yoga and likes to be called Zentist! I'll have to ask him!

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to leave you to buy a lotery ticket!

UPDATE: Now I'm really starting to freak out! As I finished this post I headed to Suzana's blog to find out she also has something for me from a trip she recently made to Slovenia! I think I'll have to buy not 1 but 2 lotery tickets!


A&N said...

Can we send our lottery to you? ;)

Anonymous said...

That MP3 player is MINE!! Look there's even my name written on it... give it back to me! Haha. You should buy a lottery ticket and write Zen on it to see what happens. I want 10% if you win. :-)

Anyway, congratulations to you! You will receive your book soon.

Jeanine said...

That is just down right lucky! Wow! Can you buy a lotto ticket for me right away too??

Tanya said...

Isn't it great when things just work out like that? I wish my doctor or dentist let me pay them in recipes. That is pretty awesome.

linda said...

I hope your luck will stay with you!

Shreya said...

awesome:-) Keep the faith!

Suzana said...

I hope you have that lottery ticket by now!! I'll have to check with my dentist if he accepts recipes as payment for the appointments!

Devias mudar o nome para 'Lucky Cookie'!!


ingegerd said...

its sounds awesome!!buy that lotto now!have a great day!

Manuela said...

Bem, a sorte bateu-lhe à porta :)

Mas quando a esmola é grande até o santo desconfia hehe

Lore said...

Big smile Cookie :D. I'm so happy for you! Maybe the universe realised it made a mistake and is now trying to make up for all those "unlucky" days.
Congrats on your win!

Lisa said...

Awesome! Love your post! Did you ever read the book, "The Secret"? The law of attraction will make you get even more. Your book sounds adorable and I'm sure your zentist appreciates it.

Dhanggit said...

can you buy a third lottery ticket for me too please hehehehe i hope there will be more lucky things waiting for you dear

Leslie said...

Maybe I should go to the plastic surgeon w/ a cookbook and beg for a tummy tuck!! Think it will work???lol

Big Boys Oven said...

defintely your lucky week! :)

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

What a FANTASTIC story! I love when things like this happen - all of these coincidences must mean you are on the right the way, what an AWESOME dentist!

Sharon said...

I'm typically not a lucky person either, so I'm happy to hear of your streak! Did you give your dentist sugary recipes? :)

Clumbsy Cookie said...

A&N- Sure, send it!

Zen- Is it really yours? What were you doing at my beach? Hummmmmm... Thank you french man!

Of course, I'll byt each one of you a ticket!

Tanya- I know, he's a cool man!

Linda- Me too! Thanks!

Shreya- Oh I will, I will!

Suzana- Lol, já joguei no totoloto!

Ingegerd- Thank you so much!

Manuela- Pois é! Eu desconfiei logo!

Lore- I really hope you're right!

Lisa- Yes I've heared about "The secret", my mom read it. I was proud of the book actually it turned out cute and the zentist sure liked it!

Dhanggit- I hope so too, thank you!

Leslie- What tummy?? You don't own one, lol!

Big Boy- It sure is!

Jenn- I'm so high on luck, lol! He's pretty awesome yes!

Sharon- Maybe you'll be the next lucky one! Yes I gave him parfait, sweet tart dough, strawberry soup and a couple more things, everything sweet and bad for the teeth, ahaha!

Prudy said...

Can you just rub my head or something for good luck? I can't believe the dentist story. I wish I could take my kids to him.

Leslie said...

Oh yaaaaa...the strawberries were delish and sexy! YUM

Katrina said...

Wow! You go, Girl! May the force be with you! : )

Lina said...

WOOOW. youre so lucky! free dental treatment? seriously you need to get a lotto ticket ASAP!
btw. thanks for all of the wonderful comments during my eurotrip! Im missing cascais already! :)

Clumbsy Cookie said...

Prudy- I think my dentist has a lot of fans now, lol!

Katrina- Ahahahah!

Lina- You should be here now, the weather is just beautiful!

Jenny said...

How crazy is all of that! Congrats on all of your happenings, and so bizzar to have them all connect somehow. Yes, please go buy a lottery ticket!

Clumbsy Cookie said...

Isn't that strange Jenny? I'll let you know about the lottery!