Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cookie Chips?????

This is actually the living proof I'm a geek...

I've seen a lot of recipes for "Inside-out chocolate chip cookies" or sometimes called "Reverse chocolate chip cookies", that refer to a chocolate dough with white chocolate chips. To me, in all my geekiness those are not really inside-out or reverse, to deserve that name a real inside-out CCC would have the dough transformed into the chips, and the chips transformed into the dough. Are you a bit confused? I don't blame you, but...

Meet the "Cookie Chips Chocolates"!

So yes, I've made cookie chips! Personally I think they're adorable and I was happy just staring at them, but was even happier when I folded them into melted chocolate. Oh yes!

I've made a chocolate chip cookie dough with the chips, put it into a pastry bag with a small round tip and then chipped away.

Here they are before baking.

And here they are allready baked and ready to dive into the melted chocolate.

Now this is what I'm talking about when I say "Inside-out"!


  • 110 gr (4 oz) butter room temperature
  • 6 tbs sugar
  • 6 tbs brown sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 180 gr (6 1/2 oz) flour
  • 1/4+1/8 tspn salt
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 250 gr (9 oz) chocolate of your choice (I used milk)

Beat butter and both sugars just until they come together. Don’t over-beat. Add the egg and beat just until incorporated. Mix together the flour, salt and baking powder and add to the batter. Stir just until blended and put into a pastry bag with a small round tip*.

Drop into a cookie sheet pulling up so the dough get a thin point, characteristic of the chips. Bake into a preheated 170ºC (325ºF) oven, for 5 minutes.

Let them cool while you melt the chocolate in the microwave or over a double boiler. Poor the chips over the chocolate and mix until they're all coated, being careful not to break them. Reserve some to decorate the top of the cookies. Drop by teaspoons onto a tray lined with plastic wrap, foil, silpat or baking paper. Decorate with 3 or 4 cookie chips and take to the fridge to harden.

* If you want to do this but don't want to bother doing the chips, you can just spread the dough with a spatula or the back of a spoon in a cookie sheet, bake and then cut or break into chunks.

Now look at this amazing discovering of mine: If you like your cookies crunchy leave them in the fridge, if you prefer them chewy, take them out! See I'm a geek, but I'm a clever one, lol!


Cyndi said...

OMG.........I *love* those! You totally made my day :)

noble pig said...

Holey Moley, I've just died and gone to heaven.

just me said...

Wow!!!! i think you have made the best cookie in the entire world.


and i just found your blog and it rocks!

farida said...

Lovely looking cookies:) so cute:)

ingegerd said...

I only can say that looks lovely!!

jodycakes said...


Zita said...

Great idea... look like florentines, cookie chips are sooo sweet :)

Tanya said...

What an awesome idea! I love that cute little cookie dough chip! I'm not even sure if those chips would last long enough to be put in the chocolate.

The Stressed Baker said...

OMG! Those are amazing!!! I need to make them but they will definitely be as cute as yours! What tip did you use to get the chips that way?

Kevin said...

Cookie chips chocolates are a great idea! They look really good!

Susan/Wild Yeast said...

Very cute and original idea!

Lina said...

yes you are a clever geek indeed! haha I love your mini cookie dough chips! I've never even heard of inside out cookies before. What a wonderful creation!

A&N said...

These are SCRUMPTIOUS! OMG, I so HAVE to try these. Mebbe for A's birthday! Yay!

Veronica said...

Wow! How incredibly clever. I really like the picture of the cute little cookie chip.

Pumpkin said...

Those are so adorable! What a funny/cute idea!

Jenny said...

Ok, seriously the coolest recipe I'v seen in a long long time! That baby chip is awesome with the little smile! These have got to taste sooooo good!

morgana said...

Great idea!!!!! You're a genius. These are the perfect cookies for a chocolate lover ;-) and those cookie chips are soooooo cute. I think that a had the same reaction a have when a look at a baby: an automatic smile I can't get off of my face for a while.

En castellano, que se me da mucho mejor.
Qué idea más buena. Eres un genio, son las galletas perfectas para los amantes del chocolate. Me encanta la "vuelta de tuerca" que les has dado (¡viva la deconstrucción!) y los chip de galleta son tan monos que mi reacción al verlos ha sido la misma que tengo cuando veo un bebé: se me pone una sonrisa tonta en la cara que no me puedo quitar en un buen rato.

¡¡¡¡¡ ME ENCANTAN !!!!!! ¿Puedo copiarlas algún día?

mutfaktelaşı said...

bu cipsler çok hoş olmuş ellerinize sağlık.

Adam said...

Holy cow. Is there an award for most original idea ever? It seriously blows my mind. Up is now down and Superman is bad. This is insanity, but in a delicious way.

Tartelette said...

How clever and creative! Love it!! How many of these could I devour...a gazillion trillion!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love these! And yes, I totally get your point! The chips are so cute! Loved it all! :)


Brilynn said...

YOU are a GENIUS! What an awesome I idea, I absolutely love it! LOVE IT!

Leslie said...

Well that is the most ingenious idea ever..I am gong to have to try this one!!!
I remember when I was little...people used to ask me if the colored part of my eye was bleeding??!! Yes it does make me unique!

Sweet Tooth said...

Really NEAT!!! I probably would pick them over the original version (chocolate chip cookie) anytime.

Great idea,


Clumbsy Cookie said...

Cyndi- Good! I like making people happy!

Cathy- Did you find a cute angel?

Just you- Wow, that's a big compliment! Thanks!

Farida- Thank you!

Yummy indeed, they tasted good!

Jody- I love that word!

Zita- If I added cristalized fruit and sliced almond they could be like florentines yes!

Tanya- I know, I though about eating them as cereals!

Stressed baker- I've used an Ateco nr 7 tip.

Kevin- Glad you liked the idea!

Susan- I love doing original things.

At least mom thinks I'm clever too lol!

N- Yes try them!

Veronica- It's cute isn't it?

Pumpkin- Thank you!

Jenny- I'm sure you'll like them, they have chocolate after all!

Morgana- Gracias! Puedes comentar en castellano sin problemas! Pero claro que las puedes copiar, me encantaria que lo hicieras!

Mutfaktelasi- I wish I could understand what you wrote, lol!

Adam- Oh thank you, that was funny!

Helen- Yes that's probably the amount I could eat as well!

Mariana- Obrigada e bom descanso!

Brilynn- Wow a genius! Well thank you, lol!

Leslie- Oh yes, you should totally try them!

Alexandra- You must really love chocolate!

Katrina said...

Let me just echo everyone else--Holy Cow, Holey Moley, OMG, WOW, amazing, etc. Those are the cutest little cookies I've ever seen (especially after these giant Jacques Torres-NY Times Ultimates I've been making.)
Absolutely love them and what you've done. Marking this as my next thing to make to have everyone say Wow to me--I'll pass it on where I got it from, don't worry!
Love this!

Madeleine said...

Que padre! y que paciencia la tuya para hacer las chispas de galleta!

Han de saber deliciosas!!! =9

se me antojó!!!

Mary Beth said...

I think I may have shorted out my computer by drooling so much:) I can't wait to try these

cakebrain said...

I just love this concept! The little cookies are so cute! and the proportion of chocolate is just as I like it...lots!

Anonymous said...

Those little cookie chips are positively adorable. I stumbled over here from hitting your link on Cookie Madness and I'm so glad I did. How did you ever fold such cuteness into the chocolate!?

I love your creativity!!


Leslie said...

Ok..so I know this is my second comment on this post...but I just had to glaze at the cookies again!

Lisa said...

What a great idea! Too cute!

Prudy said...

Oh my heavens-you are brilliant! I can't wait to give this a try. Thanks for sharing your truly professional ideas-you are in a class by yourself!

Mari Rezende said...

I loved the photo of the talking cookie piece... Cuuute!

Dee said...

I think I've died and gone to CCC heaven! I'm always loking for ways to add more chocolate into my choc chip cookies, but it's never occured to me to turn reverse the order. Clever, you :)

Bookmarked! Thanks.

Dhanggit said...

oh these are all adorable and delicious!! yummy i just ate them all up

E said...

This idea is genius! I know I would fall head over heels for this chocolate recipe.

Clumbsy Cookie said...

Katrina- I know what you mean, I'm cookied out also! I hope you like them, but what's not to like they're allmost all chocolate, lol!

Made- Si la verdad es que hace falta un poquito de paciencia para hacerlas, jejeje!

Mary Beth- Sorry about the computer, lol!

Cakebrain- You're like me then, lots is allways better!

Sue- Welcome and thank you!

Leslie- Lollllllllllll!

Lisa- Aren't they?

Prudy- You make me blush with your nice comments!

Mari- Eu também achei engraçada!

Dee- You can't get much more chocolate than these, ahahah!

Dhanggit- Was that you then?!

E- Thanks for the genius part, I kind of liked it, lol!

edinha said...

I loved these cookies :)

Sophie said...

Wow. So simple yet so creative...I honestly think these might actually beat chocolate chip cookies if they were to face off in a "whose cuter and yummier" contest :D.

Katrina said...

I just made these--told you I would! Oh My Goodness! So cute and fun and I can't wait to take them to friends tonight and share--as I've now had my fair share! ;)
Lots and lots of little cookies leftover, will have to freeze the little guys and make more another time. Absolutely delicious and although a bit of work with all the piping, FUN! A great holiday giveaway idea, too! Thanks so much. You are amazing.
(I'm about to work on the posting of these on my blog.)

Sharon said...

Those are some of the cutest things I've seen in a long time, not to mention how good they probably are. Kudos to your geekiness for bringing us such a fun treat!

Erika said...

How creative! I wish I could try one!

Ann said...

Wow, this is genius. I really need to taste this, like NOW. Kinda feel tortured looking at it. Was it as good as it looks? I may have to make these suckers.

Anonymous said...

Rita, you're a Genius! Will you marry me? I promise i'll do the laundry and clean-up after you.

So clever! :-)

Katrina said...

These really are SOOOOO GOOD. I made them today and LOVED them. They are addicting, so I took them to a get together with some friends and let them gobble them up. Everyone loved them.
You are on to something, Clumbsy Cookie!

Robin Sue said...

OK this is the most delicious thing I have seen all day. Those are sooooo cool. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Dawn said...

Wow! I've never seen that. How hard was it?
What a perfect picture. I just love your site.

Clumbsy Cookie said...

Edinha- Obrigada e benvinda!

Sophie- Can you imagine the amount of judges that would volunteer for that kind of contest? Lol!

Katrina- Yours looks great too, I loved that you added pecans! Let's see what can we come yp for the leftover million little guys!

Sharon- Oh thank you, you're a creative mind yourself!

Erika- Sorry, they're all gone now. Katrina just made them, so maybe she still has some, lol!

Ann- Yes, make the little suckers. You'll probably use dark chocolate, and I'm sure they'll be as great!

Zen- Where's the ring?

Robin- Thank you! Your cake was really gorgeous, I love dulce de leche!

Dawn- They are not difficult at all, you just need a bit of patience for all the pipping! But it's worth it! Thank you for the nice words!

Lore said...

Yay cuttiness all the way! These could make even an angry person smile :)

Jude said...

That picture with the smiling cookie chip made my day. Really creative idea!

Clumbsy Cookie said...

Lore- That was funny!

Jude- I love the little one as well!

marielaughsloud said...

I can't wait to try the cookie chips.
Thanks for the recipe and the idea.
I have never heard of them before ;)

Katie said...

How cute this is a great idea!

Jaime said...

those are soooooooooo cute!

HoneyB said...

What an awesome idea you have there! Love it!

EAT! said...

These look like so much fun!! They would disappear in a minute from our house.

Leslie said...

Again..I know..I just had to remind myself to make these this week!!!

linda said...

:) very very cute :)

Tim said...

What a terrific idea, I love this!

Leslie said...


I am sending you my Doctors Bills!! All of that piping! GOOD LORD!!! I cant believe I can actually type right now!! My poor little hands hurts soooooooo bad!
Well mine dont look half as good as yours. But they are pretty tasty! If you dont mind..can I post about them(and give you bunches of kudos..and link back to your site)?

PaniniKathy said...

Totally, incredibly creative idea!!

leonor said...

Boa noite!!

Foi quando segui "a pista", que reparei que já cá tinha estado... hoje, corri todas as páginas...
Gostei imenso!


Jojo said...

Oh, wow! What a brilliant idea! This are indeed the true inside-out choc chip cookie. :) You must have the patience of a saint... piping all those little cookie chips... Looks delicious!

Mão na Massa said...


These biscuits have even great aspect, must be delicious!


koopermom said...

What an awesome idea!!

Lauren said...
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