Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Look at this! Isn't this just like paradise? Amazing mint ice cream coming out of the huge ice cream machine and me on the other side: camera on one hand, spoon on the other! Yes, I've been ice-creaming!

I've allready declared here a couple of times my absolute love for ice-creams. So can you imagine how happy I was to be hired by an Ice-cream Factory to create some desserts for their website?! The job was to help with the new flavours they wanted to launch for the Summer and create a dessert, so it involved a lot of painfull ice-cream tasting!...

The real problem I had with all this was that I couldn't get over the fact that I was being payed to do this. I mean, this people were actually giving me money to eat my favourite food! Crazy people...

They asked for simple desserts, nothing to complicated, just some ideas to complement the ice-creams. I don't think it would be good work ethic to give you the ice-cream recipes but I can share the ideas with you. We just had the photographer coming and taking nice pictures, but these were the ones I managed to take with my camera:
  • a) Dulce de leche ice-cream and chocolate cookies sandwiches.
  • b) Roasted peaches with pistachio ice-cream
  • c) Summer fruits salad with balsamic vinegar ice-cream and lemon sorbet
  • d) Strawberry ice-cream and strawberry-champagne sorbet tart

And here's the photographer getting a shot of what I called "Ice-cream for breakfast": Yougurt ice-cream with muesli and honey.

Tips for taking pictures of Ice-cream

  • Freeze the dish or bowl you're going to use and an extra dish
  • Scoop the ice cream and put it on the reserved extra dish you had in the freezer
  • Cover slighty with plastic wrap and return to the freezer (you can make this well in advance)
  • Arrange the cenario of the picture and get everything ready
  • Plate the rest of the ingredients (if using) on the frozen dish or bowl and put in place
  • Lastly get the ice-cream balls and place them on the "serving" dish
  • Shoot nice pictures
  • Eat the ice-cream
  • Blog about it so I can see it and drool a bit!

Can't wait to start working on the winter flavours!


Tanya said...

That's a dream job right there! All four of the desserts look delicious--especially the ice cream sandwiches. You must be having so much fun--I'm jealous!

Jenny said...

What a perfect job! All of your desserts look beautiful! Hope you got to sample lots of ice cream!

Lisa said...

Congratualtions on getting that job! How can I get one:) All the desserts look and sound wonderful!

Hendria said...

How lucky you are....:)

Erika said...

Congrats on an amazing job! Great ideas!

Leslie said...

Being paid to taste inccream?? HEAVEN!!! How fun that must have been creating new things. And for a company to approach you for your help...what an HONOR!!! I stold Steve you were busting his Balls about my unhealthy food!! LOL

tartasacher said...

Hola amiga:

Muchas gracias por tu comentario en mi entrada de la Tarta Saint Honoré. Qué buena esta entrada sobre los helados. Precisamente acabo de poner una en mi blog, aquí ya hace calor y apetece lo fresquito. Un beso y tienes un blog maravilloso. Veo que hablas español y por eso te contesto en mi idioma. Mil besos de nuevo.

Ann said...

Oh, FUN! What a cool opportunity for you. It's always so great to learn how photographers work as well. Especially with ice cream - that's got to be tough!

linda said...

Very cool job! And the desserts you came up with sound and look delicious!

Prudy said...

Oh my heavens, those flavors sound divine. I want that breakfast ice cream. You are one talented and lucky girl!

Indigo said...

Ahh, I'm so jealous! And what would I give for an icecream machine that size. I think I'd just lie underneath the nozzle with my mouth open.

Dhanggit said...

oh my goodness, i am soo jealous!! probably i'll just pass by and buy some, just promise me you'll give me extra scoop :-)

michelle @ TNS said...

i just made passionfruit ice good. i followed none of those photography tips, which is why mine looks like ass.

i can't believe you have that job. *i* want that job.

Clumbsy Cookie said...

Tanya- It was a lot of fun, yes, that's for sure!

Jenny- Oh yes I sampled embarrassing amounts of ice-cream!

Lisa- You have no idea how many people asked me that allready!

Hendria- I know!

Erika- Thnak you!

Leslie- Heaven, that's the word!

Tartasacher- Somos casi vecinas sabes? Yo estoy en Lisboa pero vivi en España 3 años por eso hablo español. Me encanta!

Ann- I was bugging the poor photographer the all time asking questions about the light.

Linda- Thanks, it is pretty cool!

Prudy- I wouldn't mind to have ice cream for breakfast too!

Indigo- I really thought about that as well, but I have a small mouth and then thought about the mess I would make so I settled for the good old spoon.

Dhanggit- I'm not at a store scooping to the public but I'll have a word with the scoopers: free ice-cream for my friends food bloggers!

Michelle- Do you know, I can believe it either... Passion fruit, that's good stuff!

Emiline said...

Cool! All of your desserts sound wonderful.
Thanks for the great tips too.

I wish I could have sampled!

Denisa Baltazar said...

Nossa, que gostosura é essa saindo da máquina.
Meu Deus, que perdição.
Sou louca por sorvete, ainda mais assim...
Gostei do seu espaço e fotos postadas.
Percebo que faz arte de várias formas.

Flanboyant Eats said...

how *sweet* of a job. must be nice! ur selection looks delish.

Clumbsy Cookie said...

Emiline- Next time I'll send a bit your way, hope you like melted ice-cream.

Denisa- Obrigada pela visita e pelas palavras simpáticas!

B- It is sweet indeed!

Kevin and Katrina said...

What a GREAT job! I LOVE ice cream. You're one lucky duck!
Also, great tip on the chocolate cookie baking to put a light colored one on the same sheet to see how dark it is.
Still liking that yeast Levain the best! ;)

Kim said...

This sounds like one good dream job. How much fun for you! Perfect for summertime no less. Cute site.

Clumbsy Cookie said...

Katrina- I love the yeast levain as well! Can not make it so often cause I'm eating a lot of ice-cream, lol!

Kim- Not only for summertime, I love to eat ice cream all year! Thanks for stoping by!

Anonymous said...

The only thing better than eating ice cream is to get paid to eat ice cream. I want that job so BAAADDD!!! :-)
I love the pictures, it all look sooo good!

Clumbsy Cookie said...

Zen all you have to do is to send your job application! Lol!

Manuela said...

Meu Deus! Num trabalho destes eu ia engordar pelo menos 1 kg por dia ihih

Parabéns pelo blog, vou adicionar um link para voltar cá mais vezes :)

laymen said...

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