Friday, June 13, 2008

A Green Twist

What a gorgeous day! Today, friday the 13th and we're lucky to have a holiday in my city! It was so hot allready when I woke up that after breakfast I headed to the beach, but did not go alone, I took Jeffrey with me.

Am I lucky or am I lucky?

I get very bored at the beach, I can't understand how people just lay there frying themselves in the sun. So I allways have to take something to read, and I've just started It must've been something I ate. I've seen so many good reviews on a lot of food blogs and sites that I just had to order it. So far so good, it's a good beach mate and also performs well in bed, as a night reading I mean.

In the afternoon (after a little cry over the death of beloved Tastespotting) I made myself something that allways cheers me up: a Strawberry Milkshake! But with a green twist!...

If you're a food blogger or a food blogs reader chances are that you've heard about Matcha green tea. If you have tried it chances are you liked it and if you haven't tried it chances are you want to try it. Am I right?

I have met mr Matcha a long time ago, long before I lived in the food blog land. I love it, that green powder has some magic I tell you! I have used it at work a lot in desserts but never bought it to myself, because the price here is so high! I mean I love it but there is no way I'm going to spend 40€ in a tiny 30 gr (about 1 oz) bag!

So what to do?
Take regular green tea and just blitz it on your coffee grinder and you'll have green tea powder to add to you baked goods or beverages. You see, people that know about this stuff say that green tea is great for you in so many levels, some even claim it helps loosing weight! I've read once that matcha is even better than "normal" green tea because as it's a powder you are actually putting it inside your body instead of just drinking what it releases to the water as in other teas.

Nothing compares to real Matcha of course but this way of using regular green tea is a good alternative. The taste is a bit more "earthy" and strong I think, but still very pleasant. There are a lot of types of green teas out there, so you can choose the one you prefer if you want to give this a try.

For the green twist on my milkshake I just added a small teaspoon of the green tea powder to the milk, sugar and strawberries and blended away. Have a nice weekend everyone!


farida said...

Where is that beach? Looks familiar. California?

Leslie said...

mmmmm! Yum
The photos of the drinks are beautiful..that site is from the same people that did Tastespotting.the pictures make me wish I was a drinker. Sad part is if I do drink..i have One mission and that is to get snockerd drunk! And thats about once a year and I puke my brains out for a day.
My nanna bread wont let you down!!!

Clumbsy Cookie said...

Farida- No! That'a way far from California! It's Cascais in Portugal!

Leslie- I'll make sure I'm not arround you when it's your day of the year to get drunk! Lol!

Hendria said...

I agree I can not just lay on the beach to walk but that is it....the drink looks great will try it.... :)

Jenny said...

Your strawberry Shake looks so refreshing and beautiful! I too am so bummed about Tastespotting. I'd browse by everyday. Hope something new starts soon, we all miss it! Have a great rest of your weekend!

Leslie said...

Thank the lord!! Thanks for finding that site. Looks soooo much better than mine. And the name is great! It looks like tastespotting!I will be posting there..instead of my Daring Food!
Let someone else do the work!! :)

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for commenting!

I, too, am in love with green tea. I'm hoping to make green tea ice cream this week. And yes, the ice cream maker is capable of making three different flavors at once, but the batches have to be tiny.

Emiline said...

Is that all that matcha is? I wanted to try some, but I haven't found it around here.
Now I can make my own! Does it give off a green color?

I wish I could go to the beach!

Marcia said...

Once I could try thhis Martcha green tea, it is very special.
Beautiful blog. Beautiful beach.

Leslie said...

ya..the cupcakes are attack cupcakes! They attack the size of my hips!!!LOL

Ann said...

The demise TS was indeed sad, wasn't it? It may still come back, but for now - foodgawker. Love that shake you made, yum!

Clumbsy Cookie said...

Hendria- Try it it's good and good for you.

Jenny- I know... Well there are quite a few new Tastespotting look-a-likes, so I think we'll survive...

Leslie- Lol!!!!!!!

Jacqueline- I would love to have that ice-cream maker! Green te ice-cream is awsome!

Emiline- Yep, Matcha is just a type of green tea that is pulverized. There are a lot of kinds of green tea s(chinese, japonese and even one from the Azores islands in Portugal, the only place in Europe cultivating tea, yeah!)Matcha has a distintive flavour, but they're all cousins and you can try this way to have taste. About the color this one that I used was a bit darker and if I can say so... uglier... but who cares about the looks?

Marcia- Thnaks! You're right, it is special!

Ann- Oh yes! Goooooooo Foodgawker!