Saturday, April 12, 2008

My grandma's lard cookies

Ok here's the thing, if you are a vegetarian, jew, on a diet or simply have something against pork fat you might wanna stop reading now. My grandma is from a very small village, where back in the days people were quite poor and with no acess to many ingredients. People had to turn to things that were most common and used them with criativity to creat sweets. So many great things were borned this way, I love this kind of family recipes. Butter was considered a luxury item and was not available in that village until much later. One thing they had were pigs and all pig related stuff. Lard pared with olive oils were the only fats used. The recipe of these cookies was given to my grandma by an old lady that owned a bakery. My mom and oncles grew up on these, but they were not the only lucky ones. Me as well, I was fortunate to have done the cookies many times with grandma. Don't be turned off by the amount of lard. Note that the recipe makes a lot of cookies and the lard gives them an unique texture that you can noy get with anything else. And no, they don't taste like pork. And you know what? My grandparents must have eaten tons of these thru out their lives and they are both alive still today with 86 and 89 years old!

  • 125 gr (4.5 oz) lard
  • 125 gr (4.5 oz) sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 lemon (rind)
  • flour: more or less 400 gr (14.3 oz)
  • cinnamon (to sprinkle)
Melt the lard and add the sugar. Use a spoon to mix it, add the eggs and lemon. Add the flour little by little until the dough is playable and you can mold balls without getting it sticking to your hands. Roll small balls and if you want sprinkle with cinnamon before putting in the oven. Bake at 180º C (350º F) for about 7-8 minutes. Cookies will be white and soft, but they will get harder when cold.


Rhyleysgranny said...

These look really nice. Good old fashioned cooking. Lard has half the saturated fat of butter anyway so they are not so unhealthy. :) I think I will give these a go. Lovely Pic and a very nice blog.

Anonymous said...

They look fantastic!

In fact, they remind me of these lard cookie/cake desserts I used to have when I was in Taiwan. Here's a link to show you what I'm talking about :P

Gosh now I crave them!


Clumbsy Cookie said...

Vicky, I've checked the link. They do look alike, but maybe those from Taiwan were steamed, no? Hum, I wonder if I steamed these...
Rhyleysgranny let me know if you make them!

Hendria said...

these Cookies look very interesting.

I have tagged you I hope you do not mind. :)

Colloquial Cook said...

Wow, they remind me of mantecao! Lovely and crumbly and lardy. Glory be to the pork.

Cathy said...

These look wonderful. I'm going to give them a try. I have terrible food allergies, and have recently developed a horrible allergy to dairy products of all kinds, so I can't use butter any more. I've been dying for a cookie for 5 months now, but most of them have butter or milk of some kind. But then I just got the idea to try using lard instead. So, I'll be very happy to get to have a cookie again. Thanks for so generously putting this nice recipe on the Internet. I appreciate you sharing it.

Clumbsy Cookie said...

I hope you like them Cathy! Good luck finding things that are compatible with your allergies :)!

Anna said...

If I had some good lard, I would make these in a second. Our problem here is it's hydrogenated. The best lard is supposed to be leaf lard and I've have to order it by mail. Can you imagine ordering lard by mail??? Ha Ha Ha.

motherof5boys1girl said...

i know this is years later but lard is awesome to bake with..i use it in all kinds of stuff, from bread baking, to cookies, to cakes!

jUUggernaut said...

Lard is also fantastic for making paper thin strudel dough. Supposedly unsurpassed results in terms of stretchability.

Sithel a.k.a. Miss Rebecca said...

Just wanted to say that I Googled my way to your recipe when I found myself randomly in possession of some lard and Myers lemons.

I love this recipe! I've made these cookies three* times now and have passed the link on to friends and family.

The cookies are simple and tasty! I call them either Lard & Lemon cookies when talking to folks, or lembas cookies (after Lord of the Rings elven bread because once I eat one of these cookies all hunger goes away!)

* one of my 3 attempts was to use half bacon grease because... that's the same as lard, right? .... no. Also, an addition of chocolate chips was unnecessary and unadvised

Clumbsy Cookie said...

Hi Rebecca! I'm soooo glad you liked the cookies! They are very special to me!

Christi DeVoe said...

Once I made brownies with bacon grease. They weren't bad!